Day 40

£2 Cash Pyramid National Lottery Scratch CardToday's card was a £2 Cash Pyramid.

I last played one of these cards on New Year's Day. Back then, I won back £10.

As today's card was next to the £10 win in the dispenser, I had little hope that this would be a winner as well. This is despite having won on back-to-back cards in the past..

The numbers I had to look for were: 13, 20 and 22.

I didn't find any of them on the first line of the pyramid.

Nor did I on the second.

Not even the third, fourth or fifth.

There was a 22 on the final row, however. I scratched off the 'Prize' panel to reveal a £3.

This drags me up to minus £14 for 2019.