Day 76

Today's card was a £2 Green with a top prize of £250,000.

£2 Green £250,000 Scratch Card

As you can see, I found a diamond in the first game. I left the prize panel unscratched until I played the other games on the board.

I was unable to find three of the same amount in Game 3. Nor could I find a case that would give me an instant win.

The next game I played was the bonus to find a 10. Doing so would have won me £10. I uncovered a 14 instead.

I then played Game 2 to find crossed fingers. This was unsuccessful as I had a crown.

After failing to win on any of the other games, I returned to the first to see what prize I had for finding the diamond.

It was £2.

Broke even for the day. Still -26 for the year.