Day 81

Today's card was a £2 Double Match. It was the first time I had played one.

£2 Double Match Scratch Card

In this game, you scratch off the 'Winning Numbers' panels to reveal two numbers. Then, as per usual, you have to try and find either or both of those numbers in the section named 'Your Numbers'. 

That's not all, though.

Under each number is a prize amount. Just like in regular games, if you match three of the same prize amounts, you win that amount.

It's kind of like a compound of the two popular ways of playing a game. 

Here's how my game went.

My winning numbers were 12 and 19.

Under panel 1 was an 01 and £5,000.
Panel 2 had an 18 and £100
The third panel also had an £100. The number was a 17.
Under the fourth panel was a 24 and £4
Another £4 showed up underneath panel five, the number was an unlucky 13.
A second £5,000 was under panel six along with a 14.
Panel 7 had a £200 and 22.
Another £200 showed up in the eighth - and final - panel. The number was a 15.

It teased a few possible wins. It wasn't as fun to play as I thought it would be when I first found out about them.