Day 89

I played a £2 Green National Lottery scratch card for today's scratch.

£2 Green National Lottery Scratch Card

In the first game, in which I had to find a diamond, I scratched off moneybag, bank, gold, champagne, wallet and a treasure chest.

So, after not winning on game one, I decided to head to game 3 to find three of a kind. I came up with:

  • £2
  • £1,000
  • £2
It looked like a £2 had a chance of coming in, right? Well..

  • £10
  • £250,000
  • £250,000
The next game I played was to find the crossed fingers in game two. I had a clover instead.

Finally, I tried to find a 10 in the bonus game. Doing so would have won me £10. I had a 15 instead!

Today's result means that I am now at minus £38 for 2019.