Day 122

Today's card was a £5 Monopoly Jackpot which has a top prize of £1 Million.

£5 Monopoly Jackpot Scratch Card

I started off by playing the game to have two numbers in the same row add up to 10.

The first number on row one was a 2, the second was a 4.
Then - in the second row - I first came across a 6 and got a five instead of a 4.

In the next game, I had to match two identical dice in a row.

Row 1 started with a 4, but then came a 2
Row 2 kicked off with a 2, but then ended with a 5

I then played the main game in which I had to match either of the winning symbols with any of the eight that were in the play box. I first scratched my symbols to see what I had. There was a Handshake, Monopoly Sign, Penguin, Cat, Chest, Train, Duck and a Bank.

Neither of the winning symbols matched. I had a 'In Jail' and a 'Coiu'.

The final three panels were bonus games. I needed to find crossed fingers to win a prize, but all I found was a Monopoly Man, Gold Bar and a House.