Day 141

Today's card was a £2 Triple Payout.

£2 Triple Payout Scratchcard

It was the first time I played one. The aim of the game is to find two matching symbols in each game. If the player finds two symbols in one - or more - of these games, they then have to scratch off the 'Triple Spot' to see if their prize amount is trebled or not.

The top prize for this scratchcard is £100,000.

Here's how I did in the numbered games:

  1. Watch and Coin
  2. Wallet and Case
  3. Vault and Gem
  4. Chest and Gold
  5. Moneybag and Watch
  6. Champagne and Necklace
  7. Gold and Vault
  8. Crown and Rings
After this loss, I am now at -£56 for 2019.