Day 154

Today's card was a £2 Love Island scratchcard.

These cards have a top prize of £50,000.

The player has to scratch off the first two panels to find their 'Winning Symbols' and then uncover eight more panels to see if any of the symbols underneath match.

I didn't do it that way, though. I scratched off my symbols first and then had a look to see if they matched any of the winning ones.

The symbols I found were:

  • Sun
  • Sunglasses
  • Flip Flops
  • Shorts
  • Dress
  • Double Bed
  • Phone
  • Lounger
The winning symbols were: Bottle and Suitcase.

Failing on the main game, I played the bonus game to find a 5. If I did, I would have won £5. There was a three instead.

£2 Love Island Scratchcard