Day 177

This morning's card was a 3 Times Lucky.

£1 3 Times Lucky Scratchcard

I did something different today. I scratched off the 'Prize' amount on the lines and then worked backwards.

So, I started on Line 1 by finding out it would win £9. I then uncovered a purse and then a ring. There was little point continuing that line as I needed three matching symbols. However, I came back later to find that there was a 'Timer'.

I came the closest in the second line. It was for £20 and I uncovered two rainbows before falling at a coin.

Had I scratched from the first panel, I wouldn't have had the tease of a possible £20 win, so I think I made a bad card slightly more fun.

Anyway, the other two lines - one for £2 and the other for £1 - were both losing efforts as well.

This result now moves me to -£66 for 2019.