Day 292

This morning's card was a £1 Bee Lucky.

It was the first time I had played one. It has a jackpot of £5,000 and the aim of the game is to find three bee symbols in a row. There are four panels in each row, so - unlike some of the other £1 match three symbols games - my game doesn't end if I don't find a bee on the initial scratch of each line.

£1 Bee Lucky Scratchcard

Line one started with a hat. There was a bee under the second panel, but the hopes were dashed on the third panel when I uncovered a crown.

The second row began with the symbol I was looking for. I then had a dipper and a hat to end the line.

The third line saw me get bees on panel one and three, but I found a crown and pot of gold underneath the other panels.

Finally, I found a pot of gold in the first part of line four. I then had a bee on the second scratch of the row, but then had a honey pot to end any chance of winning on the card.

I'm now at -£119 for the year.