Day 332

This morning's card was a £3 Winter Wonderlines. 

It has a top prize of £200,000. I played these cards last year. They're my favourite kind of card. The rule of the game is to scratch off the 16 panels on the right part of the card and then find the symbols on the main game.

If the player finds symbols in the same row in the main game, they win the prize for that line. It is possible to win on more than one line.

Here's both a before and an after of the card.

The before:

£3 Winter Wonderlines 2019

The after:

£3 Winter Wonderlines 2019

As you can see, I didn't win on it. However, it did tease possible wins near the end (as you would expect!). 

I really do enjoy these cards and plan to play a few more before the end of Christmas.