Day 358

Since the start of this month, I've been scratching a window a day on a £5 National Lottery Advent Calendar.

As today is Christmas Eve, and I scratched off the twenty-fourth window, this will serve as today's card.

£5 National Lottery Advent Calendar Scratchcard 2019

The aim of the game is to match two symbols that are found under one window. Should the player do this, they win the prize that is found below the images.Should there be two 'DOUBLE' symbols under a window, the player will get double what ever the prize amount is under that window.

Here's how the scratch went from Sunday December 1st right through to this morning.

1. Candle and Hat
2. Jumper and Star
3. Candle and Christmas Pudding
4. Double and Snowflake
5. Candle and Sledge
6. Igloo and Sledge
7. Present and Double
8. Gold Bar and Snowflake
9. Holly and Stack of Coins
10. Mistletoe and Christmas Stocking
11.Christmas Stocking and Christmas Cracker
12. Chocolates and Christmas Cracker
13. Christmas Pudding and Chocolates
14. Hat and Stack of Coins
15. Snowflake and Sledge
16. Christmas Cracker and Double
17. Stack of Coins and Glove
18. Gold Bar and Pound Sign
19. Hat and Coin
20. Christmas Pudding and Gold Bar
21. Stack of Coins and Double
22. Stocking and Gold Bar
23. Christmas Cracker and Star
24. Sledge and Coin

This now moves me to -£156 for 2019.