Day 359

Today's card is a £5 Merry Millions.

It has four top prizes of £1 Million.

Here's how it looked beforehand.

£5 Merry Millions

I started off by playing the bonus games on the side.

In game one, I needed to find a 05 to win £5. I found a 06 instead.

Game two required me to find a 10 in order to win £10. I came across an 18.

The third game was for £20. Yes, you guessed it - I needed to find a 20. I got a 25.

The final bonus game was for £50 and I had a 46 underneath the coating instead of the 50.

I then tried out the main game, In it, I had to find three of the same symbol in a row. I didn't win on any of these either. The closest I came was getting two Christmas Puddings in a row in the first line. This was halted by gold bars. 

I then found two snowflakes in the sixth line before I uncovered holly and then - in the ninth line - I had two chests before scratching a pound sign.

This loss now moves me to -£161 for the year.