Day 365

Today's card was a £3 Winter Wonderlines.

This was the last Christmas-themed card I had left.

Here's a before:

£3 Winter Wonderlines

And here's the after:

£3 Winter Wonderlines £10 Win

As you can see, I won £10 after finding a crown, igloo, money bag and a pair of ear muffs on the thirteenth row.

Seeing as this was the final scratch for 2019, I can confirm that - after 365 cards - I have lost £158 for the year.

It's better than the -£191 I was down in 2018.

I still have cards left over to play into 2020. However, I don't know whether I will do a complete year as I've done in 2018 and over the last fifty-two weeks. 

For now, I'm just going to keep going until the cards are low...