Today's card was a £1 Multiplier.

It was the last card I had left in my pile and I don't know when I'll buy more. 

When I started this experiment at the start of 2018, I went in saying 'the worst I can do is lose £365' because I was planning to do the daily scratches for a year. The year turned into a daily blog that started in 2019 and then, due to the lockdown brought on from the Covid-19 pandemic, I chose to only scratch on days with even numbers.

After today's card - which was a losing one (you can see below) - I am at an overall loss of £349 from the start of 2018 to today.

This isn't the end, though. I plan to resume things eventually, but I'm unsure when.

Until then, happy scratching and be safe.

£1 Multipler Scratchcard