About The Experiment

On the first day of 2018, I embarked on a year-long experiment where I played at least one scratch card a day for the entire year to see how much I won or lost.
Rows of National Lottery Scratch Cards
The big haul from 2018

I had low expectations going in. I even told family and friends that 'the worst I can do is be £365 down at the end of this.'

Only, it didn't go to plan.

The '£365 down' idea didn't factor in that I might end up playing cards over £1 in price. I did indeed change up my approach sometime during the summer by changing my initial plan of playing £1 in order to have a variety of cards rather than sticking to row-upon-row of the same version of scratchie.

Despite days where I spent more than £1 on tickets, 2018 closed with me being £191 in the red.

It could have been worse.

And better.

A few weeks ago, I thought it was worth giving it another go. This time, I would start off with a variety of cards rather than back myself into a corner by buying thirty to thirty-one of the same cards in one row (I realised this approach was not as fulfilling as I had anticipated at the start of 2018!).

2019 will be a newish approach to the 2018 idea. ScratchOfTheDay.net will be where I plan to record this adventure.

..or should that be misadventure?

2020 Update
After finishing 2019 at a loss of -£158, which is obviously better than 2018 albeit barely, I thought I'd continue. However, there might be days in which I don't play a card. This would allow for more £2 or above cards on other days.